Solar Structural Insulated Panel (SSIP) Building Systems


A sustainable fabrication system providing energy efficient modular construction

Scalable, resilient, customizable and self powered. The SSIP proprietary fibre-glass skin and EPS core is stronger and more energy-efficient than traditional wood or steel structures and provides the highest ratings for energy efficiency.

Solagenica’s Energyra solar system is one third the weight of standard solar glass panels and can be scaled to a variety of sizes. Overall implementation is much more efficient as the no-glass solar modules do not require traditional, expensive solar racking and less installation labour therefore reducing overall  total cost of ownership. In addition, the no-glass solar panels are extremely durable versus traditional glass panels. 

Each modular SSIP structure can include Solagenica’s light weight, scalable no-glass solar technology.


Global opportunities

Solagenica’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) uses high density EPS therefore requiring house and shelter designs to use less energy versus traditional wood framed building methods.
The embedded no-glass solar technology
provides a renewable power source that is both scalable and extremely durable.

Multipurpose Applications:

  1. Disaster relief housing
  2. Social housing
  3. Backyard in-law suites and home offices
  4. Backyard storage sheds
  5. Medical quarantine and treatment units
  6. Remote job site accommodations and offices
  7. Mining living shelters