Implementing solar power and cost reductions for telecom towers

The Solatel solar system wraps lower sections of the tower with Solagenica’s light weight no-glass solar panels to provide power where traditional ground mounted glass solar panels are prohibiting.

Global telecoms are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing solar where ever possible. This includes high traffic urban areas where real estate is valuable and scarce making it challenging to install ground mounted solar panels.

All sides of the self supporting tower can include the no-glass light weight panels and can be scaled up depending on the overall power requirement. Additionally in highly visible areas, a corporate branding initiative can be implemented.


Global opportunities

In many urban areas, telecom towers require a renewable energy options to augment or replace the existing grid tied or diesel generator power sources. In most instances, the limitation of the required ground real estate within the tower site makes traditional solar extremely difficult including extensive costly civil work.

Solatel’s proprietary system uses the existing tower structure to provide power for the tower. The DC power produced can be integrated into the existing power infrastructure.

What does Solatel provide the tower industry?

  1. Reduce carbon footprint

  2. Reduce energy costs

  3. Provide a long term fixed power cost

  4. Provides  visual green awareness

  5. Provide new revenue stream