Sola Stream Air to Water Solar Trailer


Meet Sola Stream, our air to water solar powered mobile unit

Introducing Sola Stream, the world’s first solar powered, air to water mobile unit.

From disaster relief to hospitality to community events, the Sola Stream provides clean, fresh drinking water without the need of an outside power system.

The unit can be scaled in size based on water requirements, and can be hauled by most medium-heavy duty trucks which makes them easy to transport to multiple terrains.  

The ability to provide clean drinking water has never been more important. The Sola Stream, and it’s transportability and off-grid or diesel operation system, makes it unique in the market.  

Ideal for local governments, NGOs, travel, tourism and events-related businesses.  



Product details

  • Ability to produce up to 800+ litres per day of clean drinking water.
  • Trailer in picture is 10 KW’s of SOLAR POWER embedded into the trailer’s SIP fabrication.
  • Trailer in picture has onboard charge controllers coupled with 20.2 KWh of batteries
  • Trailer length in picture is 21 feet (other sizes available)
  • Trailer can be scaled to accommodate from 30 to 800 litres of “Air to Water” technologies.
  • Water can be dispensed either hot or cold.


Sola Stream brings clean drinking water to people in a variety of settings

Disaster Relief

Country or State Fairs

College or Pro Sporting Events

Parks & Recreation

Resorts & Beaches

Food Truck Festivals