Residential ADU Solar Structural Insulated Panel (SSIP) Building Systems


Sustainable ADU residential SSIP innovation

Solagenica has developed  structurally sustainable housing and Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) using Structural Insulated Panels system with a fibreglass skin and a core of high density EPS.  The no-glass solar can be embedded onto the SIP transforming the SIP into a solar powered building material. The use of the Solar Structural Insulated Panel (SSIP) allows scalable housing and ADU designs where the SIP panels provides not only a more efficient manner to build but exceeds most building code requirements for air infiltration, R-values and continuous insulation. SIP’s also provide design advantages for building strength versus conventional framing and reduce thermal bridging by up to 80% within a standard building structure. Fabricating with SIP’s means less energy is required to heat or cool the building. The embedded solar on the SIP provides a robust renewable energy source that can be scaled to the requirement of the building structure.


  • SSIP provides R30+ insulation plus a solar power option.
  • Homes and ADU’s can be built in half the time versus on-site traditional framing 
  • Simple design permits using 90% unskilled labor
  • Solar roof can be scaled to building requirements


Global opportunities

Structural Insulated Panels with high density EPS core fabrication requires less energy than traditional houses and ADU’s due to the insulating features of the EPS core combined with Solagenica’s fibre-glass outer fire retardant skin.

Solar powered houses and ADU’s can produce their own power and reduce the need for new expensive traditional power infrastructure. The house or ADU can also be self sufficient in the event of a grid power outage.