Solagenica Ag-Tech Buildings


Solar powered, year-round growing systems that outperform traditional greenhouses

The modular, scalable and portable no-glass solar ag-tech units provide higher annual harvest yields than traditional greenhouses through a variety of design options.

The interior can be configured to accommodate all types of plant production, and the enhanced R-Thermal factor of the SSIP fabrication, along with no-seam construction provides an optimal growing environment.  

With the addition of Solagenica’s solar technology, Solagenica’s Ag-Tech Buildings can be completely run off grid. 

Solagenica’s Ag-Tech Buildings are next generation greenhouses for a more sustainable future.  


The benefits

  • Ultra-high energy efficiency
  • No-glass solar power technology
  • Produces 20-40% faster seed to harvest cycle
  • SSIP has a fire retardant construction
  • Scalable modular designs
  • No-seam interiors for mold-free walls