Sustainable shelter innovation for various industries


Sustainable shelters

Solagenica’s proprietary SSIP construction technology is ideal for creating telecom BTS shelters of any size with enhanced R-thermal specifications. With the addition of optional embedded no-glass solar, the shelters are easily climate-controlled for telecom tower equipment operations. The Sola Shelter offers customers a sustainable, durable, secure and highly versatile option for housing critical mechanical equipment. 


  • Powered by embedded no-glass light weight solar technology.
  • Enhanced R-thermal construction therefore consuming less energy to operate.


Global opportunities

  • An agreement with Energyra (Netherlands) and Solagenica establishes a new European manufacturing and distribution venture for the EU.
  • A marketing arrangement with Outback Power to market Solagenica’s products.
  • Solagenica’s Sola Shelters another Product Technologies are available for additional markets including the Middle East and Australia through strategic co-ventures.


Sola Shelter uses for mining, geology, and oil & gas industries

Sola Shelter units can be sized and designed to whatever requirement including a metal frame system allowing the use of a  helicopter to transport to remote areas if required. The shelters can also be assembled on-site.

The shelters can incorporate 4″-8″ walls, roof and floor providing an enhanced R-thermal factor to ensure the shelter is heated or cooled with minimal grid power.