Sola Sign


Solagenica's solar powered signage

Sola Sign provides a transformative means to produce exterior illuminated brand signs without traditional grid connect power, or when brands want to demonstrate their sustainability commitment through signage.  

Whether manufacturing new signage with Solagenica’s SSIP material, or retrofitting existing signage, our innovative no-glass solar technology generates sufficient off-grid power to illuminate LED signs of all sizes. 



  1. Composite structures and designs
  2. Prefabricated quality and colours
  3. Ultra fast assembly
  4. Engineered quality for long life span
  5. Modern design
  6. High impact resistance
  7. Weather resistant (storm, rain, UV)
  8. Fire retardant skin
  9. Self-powered through no-glass solar SIP 
  10. No-glass solar is durable and light weight
  11. Additional costs to the client to trench and provide electrical connectivity is not required
  12. Sign can be easily relocated without disconnecting external power source
  13. Overall sign can be built modularly on-site or come as a complete package
  14. Signs do not require external power source therefore providing lower operating costs